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International relations

Financial possibilities play a key role as they determine the degree of protection of the economic system against risks and determine development prospects of the system. Such possibilities are mainly formed by business relations, the degree of their development and level of mutual trust.

One of the main aims of RCFD is to integrate Russian experts into international financial institutions and establish cooperation on international level. Steady and wide connections with international financial institutions to a great extent widen the variety of ways to achieve the objectives and ensure an access to various professional resources. Personal and business contacts with foreign colleagues open up new possibilities for Russian financial employees.

Activities of RCFD in the area of international relations development:

  • Facilitation of establishing and expanding cooperation with international financial institutions, including World Bank Group (WBG); International Bank for Economic Cooperation (IBEC), European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD); International Finance Corporation (IFC); Bank for International Settlements (BIS); European Investment Bank (EIB); Asian Development Bank (ADB ), African Development Bank (ADB); Arab Monetary Fund (AMF); Islamic Development Bank (IDB); Inter-American development Bank (IADB); Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) and other major international financial institutions.
  • Facilitation of creating the conditions for building trust of the international community in the financial system and economy of the Russian Federation.
  • Facilitation of creating the conditions for improving the ratings and authority of the Russian Federation, individual sectors of its economy and businesses.
  • Facilitation of creating the conditions for developing Moscow as an international financial center (IFC), development of international programs for financial cooperation.
  • Facilitation of expanding and improving international relationships to develop financial transactions.
  • Facilitation of expanding and improving business relationships between international investors and Russian companies.
  • Providing practical assistance to Russian companies in issuing transactions and entering international financial markets. 

Activities of RCFD in the area of international relations of the Russian financial community are as follows:

  • Exchange of information with overseas financial and public organizations;
  • Monitoring and notifying Russian financial employees on significant international financial events;
  • Facilitation of participation of Russian financial employees in international events;
  • Organization of international financial events
  • Formulation of proposals to public authorities to improve investment attractiveness of Russia.

Development of relations with other countries ensures complete integration of Russia into the international financial system, allows improving investment attractiveness of Russia at the international level and facilitates building up trust in the financial system. Members of RCFD get a chance to expand their international business contacts through taking part in high-profile international events.

RCFD ensures full involvement of Russian experts in the processes taking place in the international financial system today.

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