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RCFD carries out researches and ratings and posts its colleagues ratings to its information portal, as well as historical information on the heads of governmental finance bodies and information on financial directors and leaders of the financial sector of the Russian Federation...

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Russian Club of Financial Directors is created for the purpose of consolidation of the financial profession. The Club brings together financial directors, top-managers, analysts, financial consultants and government and municipal employees engaged in financial management and lawm...

Our mission is to strengthen relations of Russian and international financial communities Integration of financial markets is one of the modern trends in the global economy Russian Club of Financial Directors contributes to integration processes on capital markets through the development of international relations in the financial sector RCFD supports the development of regional relations in the financial sector in order to facilitate the development of domestic financial market

This allows studying and assessing investment potential of regions, bringing together capital and project owners and elaborating a strategy to increase the investment appeal of cities and regions both for national and foreign investors Development of internal and international ties is speeding up and volume of exchanged business information is growing, all these help to make efficient decisions and create new project, ie quantity turns into quality

RCFD aims to achieve these goals Financiers are brought together by an organization based on membership which holds club events, discussions, resolves various problems, elaborates common opinions on topical questions and financial issues, presents such opinions to the government, participates in the legislative process and generalizes and analyzes practices RCFD is a public organization and has representational status allowing it to form channels for official cooperation with the bodies of executive power and the international community Consolidation of financial experts into an organization results in a strong synergistic effect

We support our members to resolve a great number of strategic tasks RCFD implements the following activities on consolidation and development of the organization: · Open and closed meetings of the Club · Confere...

Russian Financial Community Regional representaitons of the Club

The first prototype of a financial community in Russia was created back in the 12th century One of the oldest mercantile communities was founded in free Novgorod Back then the city was a separate democratic republic but the head of the city government was a knyazh whose power was limited by a council of boyars and the veche of Novgorod Separate areas of activities implemented in the city were managed by “experts”

In particular, trading activity was managed by a mercantile community The community mainly consisted of merchants – a merchant guild The guild was founded under the Church of St John the Baptist-on-Opoki in Novgorod and named “Ivan’s Hundred” The guild’s charter was granted by the Knyazh of Novgorod,Vsevolod Mstislavich, in 1135

A mercantile community was established by merchants that sold wax to bordering towns After a while, merchants selling other goods joined the guild The main aim of the community was the protection of the community’s interests from the authorities Trade became so important for the city that Knyazh Vsevolof Mstislavich granted specific privileges to the merchant guild

In particular, the members of “Ivan’s Hundred” were exempted from the Knyazh and the church power Now, merchants were free to set their own trade rules, controlled traders’ measures (length, weight, etc), settled trade disputes and carried on trade with overseas merchants In order to join the community it was necessary to make a contribution to the guild’s treasury and a donat...

Regional representaitons of the Club

RCFD is a nationwide public organization with 42 regional representations in various subjects of the Russian Federation. Regional development is implemented both by RCFD and local initiative groups. The Club is open to cooperation and considers any proposals on establishment of new representations.